Virtual Networks


This guide provides instructions on how to create a Virtual Network using the guided wizards in VoltConsole. For more information on Volterra site, see Volterra Site.

A Virtual network is an isolated L3 network. A virtual network can contain one or more IP Subnets. Network elements in a virtual network (interface, host, listener etc...) can talk to each other directly.

Two virtual networks can have overlapping ip address space. If two networks are connected directly then they will have to guarantee unique ip addressing.

A Virtual Network is also used to configure static routes, either to inject and advertise them via BGP or to statically route to specific networks from this Virtual Network.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you will be able to create a Virtual Network and setup a static route from this network.


The following prerequisites apply:

Volterra Account

Note: If you do not have an account, see Create a Volterra Account.


The following video shows the virtual network configuration:

Create a Virtual Network

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Log into the VoltConsole and start Virtual Network object creation.

Select Manage from the configuration menu in the system namespace. Select Networking -> Virtual Networks from the options. Click Add virtual network.

Figure: Add Virtual Network

Step 2:Configure Virtual Network.

Enter the virtual network configuration parameters as per the following guidelines:

  • Name: Name of the virtual network
  • Label: List of label keys/values pairs
  • Type of Network: Network type that this Virtual Network belongs to.
  • Global Network: Network to extend to other sites (like a L3 vrf)
  • Site Local (Outside) Network: Your outside network.
  • Site Local Inside Network: Your inside network.
  • Static Routes: List of static routes in this Virtual Network.

Figure: Virtual Network Configuration

  • Click Save and Exit.