VoltShare Security & Sharing


This guide provides instructions on how to install the VoltShare, encrypt the information prior to sharing it, and decrypt after receiving it. VoltShare is a tool that allows content to be encrypted on the fly to share with set of recipients in a way that only those recipients can decrypt it. For more information on the VoltShare, see VoltShare.

The following video shows information on VoltShare functionality:

There are two options to encrypt or decrypt content with VoltShare:

  • Drag and drop a file to encrypt or decrypt
  • Type content directly in VoltShare

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can install VoltShare, sign-up, encrypt the information, share it with set of users, and decrypt the information.

Install VoltShare

Step 1: Download the VoltShare application.

Download the application from the VoltShare Downloads page.

Step 2: Install the application. Install VoltShare as per the following guidelines:
  • macOS - Drag the downloaded application to the Applications folder
  • Windows - Run the downloaded installer

The following sample image shows installation on the macOS:

Figure: VoltShare Installation on macOs

Note: In case of Linux, the application is pre-compiled (for Ubuntu) and ready to use.

Perform Sign-up

It is required to sign-up or sign-in (in case already performed sign-up) before using the VoltShare application.

Step 1: Perform sign-up.

Click Sign-up and sign-up using an existing account as per the following guidelines:

  • For individual, select one of the following options:

    • Select Log in with Google to sing-up and sign-in using your existing Google account (gmail).
    • Select Log in with GitHub to sing-up and sign-in using your existing GitHub account.
    • Select Log in with Facebook to sing-up and sign-in using your existing Facebook account.
  • For enterprise team, enter your domain and login using account credentials.

Figure: Sign-Up and Sign-in for VoltShare

Note: The email address and authentication mechanism ensures that only the owner of the account is able to decrypt content sent to that account.

Step 2: Perform verification as per the instructions displayed on the application interface.

Upon successful verification, you can sign-in and perform operations such as profile update, encrypt, and decrypt information.

Note: During or after the verification, you can secure your account using functionalities such as device verification code and multi-factor authentication.

Encrypt the Information

Step 1: Input your information for encryption.

Log into the Voltshare application and select the File or Text option. This example shows the Text option. Type the required information and click Encrypt.

Figure: Input Information for Encryption

Note: In case you select the File option, drag and drop your file in the area indicated on the application user interface.

Step 2: Configure receipients to share the encrypted information.

Enter a name for your secret in the Secret Name field and enter email addresses of the recipients in the Individual users field.

Note: Optionally, select Share with team users checkbox to share the encrypted information with your team.

Step 3: Configure decryption validity settings.

Enter a value in the Duration field and select one of the Day, Week, Month, or Year options to set the validity period for decryption keys. Click Next.

Figure: Encrypt Policy Configuration

Note: After the expiry of the duration, the recipient will not be able to decrypt the information.

Step 4: Download the encrypted information.

After encryption, the application displays 2 output options. Use the options as per the following guidelines to share the encrypted information:

  • Click Copy to clipboard to share the encrypted information in a messaging channel or paste it in an email to send to the recipient.
  • Click Save As... and save the encrypted file to store this information in shared mediums such as Dropbox.

Figure: Encrypted Information Output Options

Step 5: Complete the encryption.

Click Done after you saved the encrypted information for use.

Note: Share the encrypted information with recipients and medium of your choice.

Decrypt the Information

This example assumes that the sender copied the encrypted information to clipboard and shared in a Slack channel and you are one of the intended recipients.

Step 1: Open the VoltShare application and sign-in using your account credentials.

Note: The email address you use for sign-in must match the email address specified by the sender during the encryption.

Step 2: Input your encrypted information for decryption.

Select File or Text option in the Encrypt/Decrypt screen and drop the received encrypted file or copy the encrypted content and click Decrypt. This example shows copying of encrypted message received from the Slack channel.

Figure: Decrypt Received Information

Step 3: Download the decrypted information.

VoltShare decrypts and displays the content in the Output field. Use the output options as per the following guidelines:

  • Click Copy to clipboard to store decrypted information to the clipboard. You can paste it in a file as per your choice.
  • Click Save As... and save the decrypted file to store this information in your device.

Figure: Decrypted Information Output Options

Step 5: Complete the decryption.

Click Done after you saved the decrypted information.