Create a Virtual Site


This guide provides instructions on how to create a Virtual site by assigning labels. A Virtual Site provides a mechanism to perform operations on a group of sites reducing the need to repeat the same set of operations for each site. To know more about virtual site and labels, see Virtual Site and Labels respectively.

You can use virtual sites to deploy applications, discover service endpoints, and advertise services across a number of sites selected as per the site selection criteria of the virtual site.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can assign labels to your sites and group them by creating a virtual site.


The following prerequisites apply:

  • A registered site in the enterprise tenant


The following shows a label assignment and creation of a Virtual Site workflow:

Figure: Creating a Virtual Site using Labels

Configuration Sequence

Creating virtual site includes performing the following sequence of actions:

Phase Description
Create and Assign a Custom Label Create a new label or use an existing label to assign it to a site.
Create a Virtual Site Create a virtual site using the label expression. The label created in the previous phase is used to match the site and group it under the virtual site.

Note: The keys and labels can be system-provided or user-defined. For more details on labels, see Labels.

Create and Assign a Custom Label

Perform these steps to create and assign a custom Virtual Site label:

Step 1: Navigate to the list of sites.
  • Log into VoltConsole and navigate to Site List from the System namespace.
  • From Site List, select your Site and then click ....
  • Click Edit to load the site edit form.
  • Navigate to the Labels field and enter a key. You can select a pre-defined key or create your own key. This example associates the site-select key with the Site vmware-site-1.

Figure: Creating a Key Associated with a Site

Step 2: Enter a value for the corresponding key created in Step 1.
  • Click Save Changes. This example associates the value demo with key site-select.

Figure: Creating a Label Associated with a Key

Step 3: View your newly created custom label.
  • In the System namespace, navigate to your Site from Site List and expand the metadata JSON section.
  • Expand "labels" to view the newly created Site label.

Figure: Viewing Metadata for Labels

Note: The metadata section contains all labels associated with your Site. As sites are registered, Volterra automatically populates some labels such as hw-vendor, provider, hw-model, etc. In this example, the label site-select:demo is associated with the Site vmware-site-1.

You can determine the existing labels assigned to your Site by checking the Site schema from the VoltConsole or using APIs.

Create a Virtual Site

Step 1: Log into VoltConsole and start creating your Virtual Site.
  • In the Shared namespace, click Manage -> Virtual Sites. Or, in the App namespace, click Applications -> Virtual Sites.
  • Click Add virtual site to load the Virtual Site creation form.
Step 2: Enter the required information in the Virtual Site creation form.
  • In the Metadata section Name field, enter a virtual site name.
  • In the Site Type section, select a site type from the drop-down menu. This example selects site type as CE.

Figure: Creating a Virtual Site

Step 3: Frame the label expressions to group Volterra edge cloud sites.
  • From the Selector Expression drop-down menu, select the label expression.

This example shows selecting sites that have the site-select:demo label assigned. This creates a Virtual Site that maps to all the sites with the site-select:demo label.

Note: In this example, entering site-select:demo (key : value pair) in the Site Selector Expression section creates a Virtual Site that maps to the vmware-site-1 site.

Figure: Configuring Expressions

Step 4: Complete creating your Virtual Site.
  • Click Save and Exit to complete the creation of your Virtual Site.


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