This guide provides information on how to create users and assign roles in Volterra platform using VoltConsole. VoltConsole's Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is used to define and enforce user capabilities while using the Volterra platform. For more information on roles and access control, see Roles.


You must have a valid Volterra Account. If you do not have an account, see Create a Volterra Account.

Create a User and Assign Roles

You can configure SSO for your organization and assign roles to the users after they log into the VoltConsole or you can create users from the VoltConsole and assign roles. See SSO guides in the User Management part of documentation for instructions on configuring SSO for your enterprise.

You can also create a debug user to grant tenant access to Volterra support engineer for performing troubleshooting activities.

Perform the following to create a user from the VoltConsole and assign roles to the user:

Step 1: Navigate to user management and open user creation form.

Click on the General option in the namespace selector. Click Users->Add user under the IAM option.

user nav
Figure: Navigate to User Management

Step 2: Enter basic configuration and assign roles to the user.
  • Select an option for the User Type field as per the following guidelines:

    • Select SSO User in case you enabled SSO for the tenant.
    • Select Volterra User in case of users logging in using their email address and password. SSO must be disabled in order to create a user of type Volterra User.
    • Select Debug User to create a debug user to grant access to Volterra support representative for troubleshooting purpose. There cab be only one debug user at any point of time.

Note: You can have only one of the SSO User and Volterra User type enabled at any point of time.

  • In case you selected SSO User or Volterra User, enter the email address of the user in the Email field. Enter the first name and last name of the user in the respective fields.
  • Click Assign roles and namespaces. Add the roles and namespaces as per the following guidelines:

    • Select a namespace or all application namespaces for the Namespace field.
    • Optionally, select the Make Admin checkbox to enable administrator role for the namespace.
    • Select a role from the drop-down list in the Role field. Click Add another role to add more roles.
    • Click Add roles to apply roles to the user.

user roles new
Figure: Add Roles and Namespaces

Step 3: Complete user creation.
  • Click Send Invite in case of SSO User or Volterra User user types.

user created
Figure: Create User

  • Click Create Debug User in case of Debug User user type.

debug user
Figure: Create Debug User