Web App Security & Performance

Volterra’s advanced global network + VoltMesh provides L7 DDoS, WAF and API security with a globally distributed load balancer — removing the need to deploy load balancers in every cloud location and managing third-party DDoS + WAF + GLB services.

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Web App Security & Performance

Protect Your Apps & APIs Across
Any Infrastructure

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Maximize security + reliability

Increase service reliability by routing to multiple backends in public/private clouds. Improve security with multiple layers of controls — DDoS, WAF, bot detection and API protection. You can also enable our AI-based engine to automatically discover and control APIs.

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Dramatic operational simplification

VoltMesh can be configured entirely in our network and as a distributed load balancer in your cloud clusters. This dramatically simplifies ops as policy changes get instantly deployed in your cloud and across our network.

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Improve customer engagement

Our global app delivery network reduces latency for your web apps and APIs -- helping convert and retain more customers. VoltMesh nodes in your cloud sites create redundant tunnels to our network for optimal and high performance routing.

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Consistent global experience

We help securely deliver your apps globally with the ability to selectively control or rate limit traffic from each geography. We terminate your users at our closest network location and apply security policies before the traffic can enter our network.

Volterra vs. DDoS & CDN Providers

L3-L7 DDoS, WAF & bot mitigation
Distributed load balancer
API auto-discovery & control
AI/ML for user behavior & Bot detection
Advanced rate limiting
Unified analytics & observability
Lifecycle management
DIY (cloud) + SaaS (network)

Solution Overview

Volterra delivers web application and API protection (WAAP) to protect against advanced DDoS and L4-L7+ attacks to customer applications deployed in the cloud or at edge sites. Our SaaS-based service delivers a single pane of glass for network, app, and API security to simplify operations. Customers also get a choice of deploying VoltMesh nodes in their app clusters in public/private cloud to distribute the load balancing functionality across our network and cloud. This can significantly improve web app performance by maintaining persistent and active-active connections across our global network.

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Key Capabilities
  • Volumetric DDoS defense
  • API auto discovery + control
  • Distributed load balancer
  • WAFS, BOT, IPS & API security
  • Advanced rate limiting
  • Centralized observability

Secure Web Apps & APIs within Minutes

Deploy VoltMesh in Your Cloud>

Fully automated provisioning of VoltMesh using the UI or our vesctl CLI - deploy as a VM in your cloud VPC or add as K8s Pod in your cluster

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Delegate Domain>

Delegate a domain or subdomain to manage creation of public DNS entries and automated provisioning of TLS certificates

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Configure Routes & Security>

Configure discovery of K8s or DNS services and implement routing + security rules to direct incoming requests

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Send Requests>

Send requests to the specified service or APIs and let VoltMesh handle routing and security for your apps

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