DDoS Mitigation

Volterra delivers DDoS and advanced security services to protect against L3-L7+ attacks to enterprises and hosting/ service providers. Customers can use BGP-based redirection or subscribe to our high-performance IP transit and a private network across our global backbone.

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DDoS Mitigation

Challenges & Solutions


  • Distributed and volumetric attacks cannot be handled by on-premises security appliances
  • Low and slow-ramping application-layer attacks cannot be mitigated by legacy DDoS appliances
  • Managing multiple on-premises devices and transit service providers is operationally complex and expensive
  • Long lead times and contractual issues for on-demand expansion of capacity


  • Volterra PoPs and global private backbone can mitigate massive security attacks at the source
  • The advanced AI/ML capabilities of VoltMesh can handle sophisticated attacks from network- to API-level
  • Using Volterra’s global network as the perimeter provides SaaS-based operations and a single-pane of glass across services
  • Volterra’s network provides on-demand, self-service provisioning and scaling of network and security capacity

Solution Overview

Volterra delivers advanced security services to protect against L3-L7+ and DDoS attacks for enterprises and hosting/service providers. Our SaaS-based service delivers a single-pane of glass across connectivity, networking and security services to simplify operations.

Customers can use BGP-based redirection of traffic to Volterra’s global network to augment their existing investments in on-premises DDoS and security appliances or they can subscribe to our IP transit alongside a L3 VPN network across our high-performance global backbone.

DDoS & Network services diagram
Key Capabilities
  • Volumetric DDoS defense
  • Support for all L3-L4 services
  • Application and API security
  • Network firewall
  • Centralized observability
  • High-performance IP transit
  • BGP-based traffic redirection
  • GRE tunnel or Volterra direct connect

Business Benefits

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Lower your capex and opex by moving to cloud-based network perimeter security and reduce reliance on appliances and a legacy hub-and-spoke architecture

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Service Uptime and Profitability

Maximize the uptime of your revenue-driving infrastructure and applications by leveraging our deep expertise in mitigating sophisticated and volumetric attacks

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Move to a SaaS-based model with the ability to dynamically expand capacity and deploy new services on- demand without adding appliances or network capacity in your data-centers

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Empower your network and DevOps via a SaaS- based security platform and central pane of glass to deliver more projects, new applications, and expand capacity with existing resources

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