App Delivery Network (ADN)

Volterra’s global application delivery network enables you to extend cloud resources closer to your end users and deliver apps with improved performance or personalized experiences. It hosts workloads using VoltStack and its Kubernetes or FaaS APIs.

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Challenges & Solutions


  • Existing CDNs provide very basic edge frameworks like WASM / JS workers or VMs with limited feature sets
  • Managing large numbers of individual app clusters (VM- or container-based) is an operational nightmare
  • Security of distributed apps, secrets and keys requires significant engineering and additional services at edge locations
  • Differences in SDLC, CI/CD and tooling across the network edge and cloud increases burden on developers and DevOps


  • VoltStack delivers a rich set of platform services to run any app without the need to provision or manage K8s resources
  • Our control plane removes the need to manage individual clusters by enforcing your intent across our global network
  • VoltStack delivers identity, secrets and KMS services to protect your apps + data, as well as secure access to your core cloud
  • Integration of VoltStack with traditional SDLC or modern GitOps tools reduces the learning curve for developers and DevOps

Solution Overview

Volterra’s global application delivery network enables you to extend cloud resources closer to your end users and deliver apps with improved performance. The Volterra network and its points of presence (PoPs) leverage VoltStack and VoltMesh to provide a full-featured app platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing SDLC and CI/CD tools.

VoltStack delivers a verifiable identity to every app, along with the ability to secure associated data and secrets. VoltMesh provides advanced security and DDoS mitigation to protect against L4-L7+ attacks.

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Key Capabilities
  • Distributed app orchestration
  • Serverless and K8s Containers
  • Zero operations of K8s clusters
  • Distributed service mesh and API GW
  • Anycast and GSLB
  • Identity, secrets, and key management
  • DDoS, WAFS, BOT, IPS and API security
  • Centralized observability and policy

Business Benefits

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Improved user experience

Improve user experience of your key revenue apps through lower latency and better performance. Our global network and your cloud resources can deliver 100% uptime.

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Business agility

Time-to-service is significantly reduced when deploying parts of your existing cloud apps on our global network – no app or tooling changes are required.

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Developers and DevOps teams can develop and deploy their apps without having to manage K8s clusters, security or observability. They continue to use their existing tools for day-to-day operations at the network edge.

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Cost reduction

With a significant increase in machine-to-machine traffic, you can perform complex operations on data and APIs to reduce the amount and cost of data transferred. In addition, our network is optimized for upstream data.

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