Volterra App Delivery Network (ADN)

A brand new way to deliver modern apps with unparalleled performance and global scale — without any servers, complex infrastructure software or DevOps time

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Benefits of Volterra ADN

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Dramatically faster applications

Offloading cloud workloads to our global network of edge PoPs can help you achieve more than 80% reduction in app latency — resulting in a more powerful user experience

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Maximum reliability + security

Your apps can be automatically deployed across our global network, leveraging built-in app security and intelligent traffic routing around failures to be delivered with maximum uptime and resiliency

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Zero infrastructure operations

Deploying directly to Volterra ADN allows you to focus on your apps, while we manage the K8s control plane, worker nodes, security, DNS and load balancing

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Very intuitive workflow

Automate deployment with your favorite GitOps tool or use our intuitive portal to create a workload and configure DNS + load balancer. Your app is available for a global audience within minutes

Volterra ADN vs. Traditional CDN

Traditional CDN
Volterra ADN
Full featured K8s-based app platform
Works without an origin server
Automated deploys & rollbacks
Gitops & CI/CD tooling
Multi-layer security
Cache management
Not required
Network + Apps

Solution Overview

Volterra’s global app delivery network (ADN) runs your workloads closer to end users for improved performance and helps you meet emerging compliance requirements. Each Volterra point of presence (PoPs) includes VoltStack and VoltMesh to provide a full-featured app platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing CI/CD tools.

VoltStack is responsible for operations and security of app clusters, while VoltMesh routes traffic and protects against L4-L7+ attacks. An additional benefit of this distributed app platform is that you can upgrade apps globally without any maintenance windows or worrying about cache invalidations — supporting richer user experiences than a traditional CDN.

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Key Capabilities

  • Distributed app orchestration
  • Zero operations of Kubernets clusters
  • Distributed service mesh and API GW
  • Identity, secrets, and key management
  • DDoS, WAFS, BOT, IPS and API security
  • Centralized observability and policy

Global Production Apps within Minutes

Create Workload

Simply create a deployment YAML and target to our virtual K8s API server that is globally distributed across the ADN

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Delegate DNS Domain

Delegate a domain or subdomain to automate the creation of public DNS entries and provisioning of TLS certificates

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Configure Load Balancer & App Security>

Configure the internet facing service of your application and enable web application firewall or advanced API security features to control access

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Access your Global App

Send requests to the specified service and let our network route the requests to your workload running in our global ADN

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