Secure Kubernetes Gateway

VoltMesh provides a comprehensive set of load balancing, API gateway and security services to "connect, secure and observe" one or multiple Kubernetes clusters.

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Challenges & Solutions


  • Securing K8s clusters requires multiple networking + security services
  • Deploying multiple K8s clusters significantly increases operational overhead
  • Implementing API-level security is difficult without significant developer help
  • Providing developers with secure access to back-end services is complex


  • Consolidate key networking + security services into a single SaaS platform
  • Granular multi-tenancy simplifies service delivery across multiple K8s clusters
  • Automate the discovery of APIs and generation of policy through AI/ML
  • Provide developers with secure API-only access to back-end services

Solution Overview

VoltMesh provides a secure Kubernetes gateway with a comprehensive set of load balancing, API gateway and multi-layer security capabilities to “connect, secure, and observe” one or multiple Kubernetes clusters. It is dynamically deployed via VoltConsole into any cluster or cloud with automated software lifecycle management and aggregated metrics and logs for observability.

Volterra global network enables Kubernetes cluster-to-cluster communication with secure, high-performance connectivity across multiple cloud providers, data centers and enterprise edge locations.

Secure Kubernetes Gateway diagram
Key Capabilities
  • Observability
  • Application Security
  • API Gateway
  • API Discovery, Control, and Delivery
  • Load Balancing & Service Mesh
  • Egress Security
  • Secure Networking
  • Secure Backbone

Business Benefits

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Raise productivity with SaaS-based delivery, multi-cloud control plane, and shared multi-tenancy reducing management overhead

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Enhance security and reduce risks with the ability to implement API-level security and policies to augment existing network-level controls

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Increase agility with our global network that gives you the ability to add a new cloud providers and/or regions without building out a new infrastructure

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Developer Experience

Improve developer experience with simplified and secure access to production and/or dev-test systems from their development machines

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