Multi-Cloud Networking & Security

VoltMesh consolidates networking, security, application delivery and automation of native cloud provider services to simplify operations, integrate policy and centralize observability

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Challenges & Solutions


  • Operation and lifecycle management of networking and security
  • Repeated automation and tooling investments across different cloud providers
  • Limited collaboration and no self-service across network teams, SecOps and DevOps
  • Fragmented policy and observability due to multiple control and management systems


  • SaaS-based platform to simplify ops and lifecycle mgmt
  • Infrastructure-as-code and consolidated L3-L7 network + security stack for both cloud and edge
  • Multi-tenant platform with separation of responsibilities for collaboration and self-service
  • Unified platform for centralized policy and observability with APIs for external integration

Solution Overview

VoltMesh consolidates networking, security and application delivery into a single SaaS-based platform, and automation of native cloud provider services to simplify operations, integrate policy, and centralize observability. VoltMesh leverages the Volterra Global Network for high-performance, reliable connectivity for app-to-app traffic across multiple clouds, edge sites and data centers.

Through our multi-tenant capabilities, we enable collaboration, self-service, and infrastructure-as-code to improve NetOps and DevOps experience.

Network & Security diagram
Key Capabilities
  • Secure networking
  • Global network with secure backbone
  • Load balancing and service mesh
  • Cross-cloud observability
  • Programmable Gateway
  • Application and network security
  • API gateway
  • Automated API discovery and control

Business Benefits

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Deliver more projects, additional application clusters, and new cloud provider(s) with existing resources using a true SaaS-based platform

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Faster Deployments

Accelerate app deployment times and cloud migrations via consistent services across clouds, APIs and an integrated global network

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Enable collaboration through multi-tenancy and self-service - portal for network teams, infrastructure-as-code for DevOps and policy-as-code for SecOps

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Lower your TCO with a consolidated L3-L7 service that removes the need to deploy, integrate and operate multiple point appliances or services

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  • Global app delivery network
  • Multi-cloud networking
  • Web app security
  • Secure K8s gateway