Multi-Cloud Networking

A revolutionary networking and security service for public and/or private clouds - relieving NetOps and DevOps teams from the struggle of managing multiple services and lack of end-to-end policy + observability.

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Multi-Cloud Networking

Benefits of VoltMesh for
Multi-Cloud Networking

Cloud deployments illustration

Significantly faster deployments

Accelerate cloud migration or adoption of a new cloud provider using a consolidated service that exposes the same API and networking + security capabilities across any cloud provider.

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Extreme productivity gains

NetOps can speed up migration to infra-as-code with built-in automation assistance and lifecycle management. They can improve collaboration by delivering self-service to their DevOps and SecOps teams.

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Simplify infrastructure operations

SaaS-managed VoltMesh nodes in your cloud VPC with the option to use our global network helps you deliver a secure multi-cloud network without worrying about complex network ops.

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Significantly better functionality

NetOps deploy VoltMesh in their services VPC and configure networking + security. DevOps configure DNS, load balancing, API gateway on the same deployment. Your global, private, and service rich network is available within minutes.

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Architecture & engineering support

Our solutions engineering team is available to help your NetOps and DevOps team design, implement, and test the most optimal and secure network within cloud or across multi/hybrid-cloud.

VoltMesh vs. Other Multi-Cloud Solutions

Other Solutions
Consolidated L3-L7+ networking + security service
Multi-tenancy + self-service for NetOps & DevOps
Multi-layer security
Global physical network
Automation assistance for NetOps
Observability and analytics
Lifecycle management

Solution Overview

VoltMesh delivers consolidated networking, security, and load balancing/ADC in any cloud. It also automates the configuration of cloud resources like AWS transit gateway, Azure and GCP networking to reduce automation burden on NetOps. Multi-tenancy of the platform enables NetOps to deliver self-service to DevOps and reduce the need to manage additional services per app cluster. Optionally, the customer may rely on Volterra’s global network to provide secure and high performance connectivity across VoltMesh nodes deployed in multiple cloud providers, data centers, or enterprise edge locations.

Network & Security diagram
Key Capabilities
  • Secure networking
  • Application and network security
  • Unified policy
  • Load balancer and service mesh
  • Global network with secure backbone
  • Cross-cloud observability

Production Multi-Cloud Network within Minutes

Deploy VoltMesh in Public Cloud>

Fully automated provisioning of VoltMesh in AWS using the UI or our vesctl CLI - pick the AWS region and AZ and let Volterra configure everything else

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Deploy VoltMesh in Private Cloud>

Fully automated provisioning of VoltMesh in VMware cluster using vSphere UI or using Terraform

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Multi-cloud Network + Security>

Configure global network to connect the two sites along with network and L7 policies to restrict access to resources across sites and the internet

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Access your Secure Network>

Send requests to services within the cloud, across the cloud, or to the public internet - with secure and high performance connectivity

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