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What is a Good Control Plane to Operate a Large Number of Kubernetes Clusters?

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Jan 24 2020|Pranav Dharwadkar

What is a Good Control Plane to Operate a Large Number of Kubernetes Clusters?

This specific blog describes how Volterra helps users operate their applications and infrastructure like a fleet. We will explain how our control-plane based approach eases operations of a large fleet of app clusters and compare it with other multi-cluster management-plane approaches like Google Anthos, Azure Arc, Rancher, etc.

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Dec 18 2019|Jakub Pavlík

Managing Thousands of Edge Kubernetes Clusters with GitOps

At Volterra, the SRE team’s job is to operate a global SaaS-based edge platform. We have to solve various challenges in managing a large number of application clusters in various states (i.e. online, offline, admin-down, etc.) and we do this by leveraging the Kubernetes ecosystem and tooling with a declarative pull-based model using GitOps.

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Dec 11 2019|Ankur Singla

Securing a Distributed Platform — Identity, Secrets, and Key Management

This is the third blog in a series of blogs that cover various aspects of what it took for us to build and operate our SaaS service...

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Nov 25 2019|Ankur Singla

Global Service Mesh for Distributed Applications

This specific blog will tackle the challenges of connecting and securing these distributed application clusters from three points of view — application to application, user/machine to application, and application to the public internet...

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Nov 15 2019|Ankur Singla

Control Plane for Distributed Kubernetes PaaS

Since these applications could be running in multiple clusters across cloud providers or customers’ edge locations, our platform team had to build a distributed control plane and a PaaS service to deploy, secure, and operate multiple multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters...

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Nov 14 2019|Ankur Singla

Applications Driving... Distributed Cloud Services

We provide a broad portfolio of distributed cloud services that gives our customers the ability to build, deploy, secure, and operate distributed applications and data. Using our SaaS-based offerings, we enable our customers to focus on their business logic while we solve the problem of distributed infrastructure, application management, and the operation of a large fleet of distributed application clusters across multiple cloud locations and/or edge sites.

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Nov 4 2019|Ankur Singla

Distributed Clouds with a Centralized Mission: the Volterra Story

After more than two years of working with customers around the globe, heads-down development of a major platform, and yes, many long nights, we have hit a key milestone for our company -- launching.

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Nov 4 2019|Thad Széll, UBS and Nuno Ferreira, Volterra

Access SaaS Apps ...Privately

Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings are becoming increasingly prevalent across all industries as organizations look for ever more dynamic and flexible ways to leverage software while ensuring operational stability, cost transparency, dynamic scale and agility.

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