Connect & Secure Globally Distributed Apps

A SaaS-based offering that delivers high-performance connectivity
and zero-trust security between multiple cloud and edge sites using
Volterra's global network and distributed app gateway


Application-centric network and security services for heterogeneous environments


  • Significant Cost

    Connecting from clouds to data centers / Internet is costly due to network service, device and integration costs

  • Higher Risk

    Disparate infrastructure across different environments increases policy complexity and reduces visibility

  • Poor Performance

    Hub and spoke architectures for DMZ and Internet / SaaS access impact app performance and user experience

  • Operational Complexity

    Varied infrastructure across sites adds complexity to integration, maintenance and correlation of metrics /logs /alerts


  • Cost Optimized

    Consolidated network + security software stack and secure connectivity service significantly lower total costs

  • Reduced Risk

    Security and compliance policies embedded at all network layers reduces risk and improves protection

  • Performance

    High-speed global private backbone with cloud-based DMZ and ability to run workloads in a network-based cloud

  • Simplified Operations

    Integrated software stack provides a single pane-of-glass for policy and operations, as well as end-to-end observability

Key capabilities

VoltMesh provides distributed cloud services to connect and secure data and applications across the edge, network and multi-cloud.

Application Services

Distributed Application Management
API Gateway
API Gateway

High performance, extendable and distributed API gateway for hybrid applications regardless of location.

  • Authentication
  • API routing and load balancing
  • Traffic management and policy
  • Transformation and markup
  • Programmable, pluggable architecture
  • Observability and monitoring
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App Security
Application Security

Easily enable identity-driven security policies and enforcement using algorithmic techniques and machine learning.

  • NG-WAF and anomaly detection
  • Application-level DDOS
  • API endpoint detection and markup
  • API security and rate-limiting
  • Managed PKI identity infrastructure for APIs, apps and networking
  • Vulnerability detection and mitigation
  • Programmable service and identity policies
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Continuous Delivery & Verification
App Identity
and Secrets
Load Balancing
Load Balancing

Fully integrated load balancing platform, including distributed proxy, service discovery and security for modern and legacy applications.

  • Global load balancing (GSLB, Anycast)
  • HTTPs (TLS/mTLS) & TCP Proxy
  • Dynamic Reverse Proxy & HTTP Connect
  • Service Discovery & Health Checks
  • Traffic Management
  • Service Policy & Application Microsegmentation
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Service Mesh
Service Mesh

SaaS-based multi-mesh platform, including a centrally managed distributed proxy, service discovery and security for modern and legacy applications.

  • Multi-cluster Secure & Auto Tunnels
  • Service Discovery & Health-checks
  • Traffic Management
  • Identity Authority for AuthN/AuthZ
  • Globally Distributed Load Balancing
  • Service Policy & Advanced Security
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Infrastructure Services

Distributed Infrastructure Management
Secure Networking
Secure Networking

Industry-proven network stack for highly scalable connectivity and security across public clouds, private clouds and the edge.

  • Fully integrated network firewall
  • Forward proxy
  • Routing and SD-WAN
  • VPN (IPsec and SSL)
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Optimized OS
Distributed Storage
Managed Kubernetes
Secure Backbone
Secure Backbone

Global network cloud infrastructure and private backbone with interconnected PoPs and dense peering for high performance connectivity with integrated security.

  • Multi-terabit global backbone
  • Advanced traffic engineering for granular SLAs
  • Network and application security including DDoS, filtering and anomaly detection
  • Physical or tunneled connection to VoltMesh
  • Private connectivity across backbone
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Data Plane Programmability

Data plane programmability through Javascript v8 and customizable policies to address the evolving needs of applications, business policy and regulatory compliance.

  • Custom data plane extensions
  • Data transformations, customized load balancing, HTTP snooping, custom HTTP headers, direct response, terminate/serve requests, etc.
  • Programmable policy framework matching on custom tags, labels and headers
  • Programmable DDoS and security protection
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(Volterra or Commodity)
(Volterra or Telco)

Insights across heterogeneous cloud environments, networks and application layers to provide a full view of application and infrastructure performance, security and health.

  • Global visibility of network and application performance
  • Logs and metrics, alerting and auditability
  • Service-level connectivity metrics and tracing
  • Custom dashboards
  • Integration APIs for 3rd parties
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Run third-party and/or multiple business lines’ applications while providing complete isolation of compute, network and storage resources. Provides the ability to run heterogeneous workloads (containers, VMs) across different namespaces within a tenant.

  • Virtual private compute, storage and networking per namespace
  • Multiple VPNs per namespace
  • Multi-tenancy across shared application and security services
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Why VoltMesh?

Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations

Reduce operational costs across a fleet of edge or cloud sites with SaaS-based provisioning, policy, security, observability, and life-cycle management of connectivity and security services

Global Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure

Improve security of distributed infrastructure with high performance private backbone, densely interconnected global network, and application-oriented security services with capability to offload applications at the edge

Performance & Scale

Performance & Scale

Achieve on-demand delivery of secure connectivity services across many sites with a purpose-built control plane and high performance data plane for L3-L7+ network services

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