Hardware RMA Policy

Volterra Hardware RMA Policies and Procedures

Warranty Period

Volterra stands behind its products. Volterra warrants that the Volterra Hardware, will for a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery of the Volterra Hardware to Customer (the “Warranty Period”), be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Volterra hardware includes the following products.

Product Warranty Period
Industrial Gateway 5000 Series 3 years
Industrial Gateway 5500 Series 3 years
Industrial Server 8000 Series 3 years

Note: The Warranty Period commences on the date hardware is shipped to the original purchaser as outlined in Section 9 of the VOLTERRA TERM OF SERVICE AGREEMENT.

Warranty Returns

If you are experiencing hardware issues, for any product under warranty (as described above), please contact Volterra support by opening a Support ticket on VoltConsole

To request a return materials authorization (RMA), please specify “Return Materials Authorization (RMA) required” in the support ticket filed on VoltConsole. If your RMA request is approved, Volterra will email you an RMA number and a return shipping label free of charge. We will ship replacement units within five business days of receiving your defective units. If no trouble is found, we will contact you before taking further action.

If you require advance replacement, please specify “Advance Replacement Required” in the support ticket filed on VoltConsole. Advance replacement orders will ship within 1 business day.

Refund Requests

If you are dissatisfied with your Volterra purchase for any reason, please contact

  • Volterra if you purchased from Volterra directly


  • The authorized Volterra reseller from who you purchased the Volterra hardware

Shipment Preparation

  • Please return units in their entirety. That is, include all power supplies, antennas, and other components along with the original product box.
  • Please use the original shipping carton and packaging material. If this is not possible, use another shipping carton with padding to protect the units from damage during shipping, and remove ALL inappropriate and/or inapplicable label(s). DO NOT ship a product without a carton.
  • The customer will be charged for a product that is damaged due to insufficient packaging.
  • If Volterra approves your RMA request, you will receive a confirmation email containing an RMA number within two business days. The address to which the product should be sent will also be included in that email.
  • Once you have received your RMA number from Volterra via email, write this RMA number in large letters on the exterior of the shipping carton. Shipments to Volterra without an RMA approval will not be processed.
  • Volterra will provide a pre-paid return shipping label for warranty replacement return shipments.

Hardwarw Replacement Procedure

Once you receive your replacement hardware, visit Replace Node guide for the steps to replace your node.